MEAT the Next Great Diet

The other day I stumbled upon what is sure to be the next great trend in dieting: The Carnivore Diet.

At first mention, you probably think you know what this diet is all about.

And you’d be right!

It’s pretty simple… you eat meat. And only meat.

However it’s not just tender red-meat making up your meals — you’re also allowed to eat poultry, fish, and some forms of dairy.

So basically only things that walked, swam, or flew.

Sounds healthy right?

Now the biggest rule to follow when honoring this diet is to avoid the other foods deemed to be incredibly unhealthy and unsafe.

  • Vegetables
  • Fruits
  • Seeds/Nuts
  • Pasta
  • Bread/Grains
  • Alcohol

Worldwide 3 million deaths (5.3%) can be directly attributed to harmful consumption of the items in that group — a clear danger to society.

*Potentially dangerous food*

It’s as simple as that!

Shawn Baker, MD, a brilliant orthopedic surgeon founded the diet back in 2018 and propelled the movement with his book The Carnivore Diet. (Unfortunately Baker’s medical license has since been revoked).

But don’t be discouraged — this diet has has many famous people as proponents as well!

They mostly consist of intellectual types such as Joe Rogan, who announced his plan to begin the Carnivore Diet in January 2022 — a major win for white male carnivores around the world.

Another celebrity who tried the Carnivore Diet for a bit was musician James Blunt — you know, the “You’re Beautiful” guy?

Blunt not only saw the major benefits to this diet, but said himself that he thought it was a great way to ‘stick it to vegans and vegetarians’ as well as ‘prove his manliness’ — which he is well known for.

Unfortunately he is no longer on the Carnivore Diet, despite seeing terrific results and feeling more masculine than ever.

It turns out the final blow was a recommendation from his doctor to switch off the diet after he developed scurvy.

Say what you want about scurvy — but there is nothing manlier than pirates. So Blunt may still be the winner in this whole thing after all.

Still not convinced?

Ask yourself one question: which animal is the king of the jungle?

Answer: The lion.

And have you ever seen a lion eat a banana?

Answer: No.

Be a man (or woman). Eat meat (exclusively).

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